Why I love Limelife’s Botanical Foundation

The one product that I am most excited about trying is the botanical foundation. I find it really difficult to find a foundation in the shops to match my skintone, that isn’t drying and doesn’t disappear after a couple of hours.

Since I haven’t been lucky enough to try it for myself yet, my gorgeous friend Carley said I could show you her photo. She is beautiful anyway but what a difference Limelifes foundation makes. She doesn’t look like she is caked in makeup, it looks so natural. And that’s why celebrities love using it!

Celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively use it. It has also been used on shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

This foundation contains at least 50% pigments so you only need to use a little bit and it will last up to 16 hours of wear. Most commercial liquid foundations have about 18 to 23% pigment so you have to use more to get the coverage you want and that will cost you more in the long run.

If you would like to be added to my preorder list drop me a message and I will add you to it. I will also colour match your foundation so you get the perfect shade for you.

If you have already spoken to a beauty guide please go back to them x

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Phenomenal Kings and Queens

This is what it’s like to be part of Limelife and the Phenomenal Kings and Queens 

The integrity, support, training, personal development and love from the group is second to none. I am so glad that I decided to be part of this amazing journey with the phenomenal men and women that I now call friends.


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It all begins…

So true 

When you focus on the negative all the time, all you will get back is negativity.

So focus on being positive and you will attract more positivity into your life 

Try it and watch how things will change for the better for you 



Following my dreams…

Since I was about 15 or 16 years old I have loved makeup (typical girl I hear you say) but I never really got into it. As a child I was never allowed to play with makeup, not even with the kids makeup sets that are available. So when I became a young adult I didn’t know what to do with makeup or how to apply it as I never had anyone to teach me (my mother definitely wouldn’t, she said it was only for married women lol). And 30 years ago there was no internet or personal computers or Iphones and definitely no Youtube or Google to do my own research. So I just didn’t wear any makeup and when I started to go out I would only wear foundation, lipstick, basic eyeliner, eyeshadow (1 colour) and maybe some mascara.

When I was 22 I brought the most wonderful little boy into the world. After he was born my focus was on him and not whether my makeup was on point or if I even had makeup on. Being a single mum is hard work! I had no friends so I didn’t go out and wearing makeup was the very last thing on my mind. I raised my son on my own even after I met my now ex husband (my son was 10 when I met him). My ex said he preferred me without makeup,  which I was glad to hear at the time. At this point makeup wasn’t that important to me (even though I still loved it and admired other ladies ability to always look well groomed and put together).

So fast forward 10 years, 2 chronic illnesses and a mental health diagnosis later and I am again single. I have spent the last 21 months finding my feet and growing as a person. This has not been an easy process by any means but has been so worthwhile. At this point you might be wondering what the point to this story is, if you can bare with me for just a few minutes longer I will tell you.

At 44 years old I am restarting my life, I am going to follow my dream of learning about and working with makeup. While I did go back to college after my marriage ended to study adult and further education my real passion lies with makeup and skincare. At some stage I do plan on finishing my degree in this but for now I am following my passion. I am beyond excited to have an interview on Tuesday to train to be a makeup artist. This for me has been many many years in the making and now I finally have the opportunity to follow my dreams and begin a new life. This course and my future Limlife business will allow me to live the life that I have always dreamed of. I will be able to empower, inspire and help so many people to become the best possible version of themselves that they can be, helping them to gain confidence and self esteem.

Never give up! Life can be so beautiful when you follow your dreams x

A message from Michele Gale ceo limelife by alcone

Today our company changed our brand name from LimeLight by Alcone to LimeLife by Alcone. The initial reason behind this change was to migrate to a brand trademark that is compliant across the globe. I was resistant to this change at first, but soon realized this is exactly how the story of this brand should unfold.

When we started this company, I thought very small. I never imagined I was someone who was capable of doing anything game-changing. As far as I was concerned:

– I was not pretty/tall/skinny/fashionable enough,

– I didn’t study business or have my MBA,

– I would never have enough time to dedicate to a big growth, and

– No one would ever take me or this business model seriously.

In the last 5 years…never have I felt ugly, short, or unfashionable — in fact, I have experienced the exact opposite. My lack of formal business school training has been a huge blessing as I only know how to listen and lead with my heart. Our growth has never once stalled as a result of my commitment to work in balance. Finally, I realized that what others thought of this model was their experience and did not constitute the absolute truth; and since it was shaped by experience perhaps I could build something that would challenge their negative perspective on direct sales.

Perhaps the biggest fear I had was trying something big and failing.

Early on I expressed this fear to my father. He said, “If you invest in women, you can never fail.” Going big was not something you could find on a sales report or balance sheet. It meant giving women (myself included) an opportunity to challenge who they are right now and help them believe in an inspired future. I soon came to one of the most freeing epiphanies — as long as I wake up each day and led from a loving, honest place, I could not fail.

If we want to create an incredible future for ourselves, one that we actually didn’t think possible, we need to eliminate the thoughts and fears that hold us back. I would not have been able to do it on my own, I needed a group of women to stand by me, challenge me, believe in me, and lovingly empower me. Without that, this brand would be called Alcone at Home (our first brand name) and we would have 300 Beauty Guides. Today, LimeLife has over 25,000 Beauty Guides in United States and Canada and may have twice as many worldwide by the end of the year.

Alone the chatter in our mind, the rhethoric of politicians, and the fears and sabetours we have mistakenly held as truth, fill our hearts and heads until there is no creative place to dream. When you step into a group that is supportive, loving, transformational, motivating, and challenging, you begin to find out who you really are and what you are capable of. Today, on this 1st birthday of LimeLife by Alcone, whether you are a Beauty Guide or not, I challenge you to pick yourself up from your heel/boot strap and start living your inspired future.

Michele Gale ceo limelife by alcone

I got glasses!

I hadn’t been to the opticians in about 7 or 8 years so I thought it was about time that I went.

I got an appointment for last Thursday and yeah there was no miracle I still needed glasses. It turned out that I needed glasses for driving and since I’m over 40 (I hope that doesn’t mean that I’m getting old lol) for reading also.

Anyway I collected my glasses yesterday and boy do they make a difference and I actually like wearing them! It’s funny how your view on things change when you get a bit older. Any who, here’s me having some fun taking photos x


Versatis patches

I am so happy that my appeal for my versatis patches was finally approved yesterday.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email saying that I had been approved, I had to read it three or four times before it sunk in.

I am not giving up just because I got mine. I am going to continue to fight for all the other people that need their patches back.

Fibromyalgia awareness day

Today is Fibromyalgia awareness day 💜💜

You will never know by looking at those that suffer with invisible illnesses that they are sick. So please support us by showing us the same understanding that you would show yourself 💜


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