My Thursday afternoon adventure

So the Thursday before last I had to go to hospital for a gastroscopy….you know where they put a camera down into your stomach to have a little nose around. My rheumatologist had been concerned about the pain and nausea that I had been having in my stomach for some while and wanted it checked out in case it was anything nasty. Well thankfully it wasn’t but now I’m back to square one again not knowing what it is. I think it’s only IBS… I don’t mean “only” IBS because the pain can be so severe but that’s far nicer to think off than cancer!

Anyway, I was absolutely petrified at the thought of having this done. See I have this strange and weird fear of swallowing something and feeling it moving around inside me and not being able to get it out….told you it was weird!

So I go in to the hospital and go to check in at the admissions desk only to be told that there was no record of me having anything done that day, in fact there was no record of the doctor doing any procedures that afternoon at all. Being the helpful person that I am I said that I could go home……I know I know I’m a big chicken. But the lady said to wait and she’d sort it out. About 5 or 10 minutes later she came back with a few pages and told me that I was all sorted and could take the lift to the 3rd floor where the endoscopy department was. At this point I didn’t know if I was relieved or ready to pass out with the anxiety that I was feeling. I kept thinking this mix up was a sign that I shouldn’t be having this procedure done today and I’d be better off going home but instead I followed her instructions and took the lift to the 3rd floor to the endoscopy department.

When I got there there was a couple waiting in the waiting area so I thought great lets hope they go first and they just might forget about me…..wishful thinking I know. I hand in my admission forms and head back to the waiting area. I started chatting with the couple that were there and it turned out that the gentleman was an old hand at having this procedure done and they tried to assure me that it would be fine and I wouldn’t even know what was happening. Shortly after I was called and given a bed. Now at this point I have to say that the nurses and the young doctor that was with them were absolutely amazing, they couldn’t have been nicer. They chatted and joked with everyone in the ward, explained what was going to happen if you wanted to know and they even tried to help me relax….nothing short of the old Acme hammer or anvil could do that I’m afraid.

So after about an hour it was my turn to go in. I was wheeled in on the bed they gave me and the nurses went through a few things with me and reassured me that it would all be over before I knew it. Then a god appeared… not really it was just the doctor but you could have been mistaken by the full of himself bad attitude he had. No hello how are you? or don’t worry it will all be fine, no reassurance whatsoever from him not even an hello. You could see by the nurses faces that they even noticed so it wasn’t all in my head. Apparently someone had forgotten to include my referral letter in my file and he was not impressed. Another sign!

So I’ve the line in my arm and a plastic circular thing in my mouth that resembled some sort of weird mouth gag thing that might be part of some strange sex act. Now I’m not really sure how or when they gave me the sedative but I started to feel strange and I was out. And that is the end of my story.





Well not quiet! While I was sedated I felt something hurting me and I began to come around. I could feel the doctor pushing the camera down my intestines and scraping off them and it hurt. Then I could feel something moving around in my stomach. Just perfect one of my greatest fears was happening and I was semi sedated and couldn’t do anything about it. So I tried to put my arm up not once or twice but three times to try remove what was hurting me. At which point I could hear one of the nurses shouting oh don’t don’t don’t. She sounded panicked…..see they probably should have paid more attention when I told them they should knock me out completely lol Needless to say I was quickly given more sedation to keep my crazy arm and me under control. Shortly after I woke up back in the ward and was rewarded with tea and toast. The “god” then appeared after a while and gave me my results and I was free to go home.

At the time this experience was terrifying for me and I swore that never again would I have a gastroscopy done but now after having time to think about it I probably would go for round two if I needed too but next time I will tell them to take their time doing it and give me lots and lots of sedation!

Have a wonderful weekend and chat again soon x


What should you look for when purchasing CBD products?

What should you look for when purchasing CBD products?

The reason you buy CBD products is for the CBD content. Too many products on the market mislead the purchaser by implying a higher CBD percentage by referring to the potency of the oil extract used. For example, if the raw oil has a 20% potency and then that is mixed at a 1:5 ratio – the total CBD content is reduced to just 4%. Your safest bet is to look for the actual CBD content in mg and compare that with other products.

But then there is also the quality of the oil being used. The best oil is known as ‘full spectrum’ or ‘full plant extract’. This contains not only CBD but also an array of the other cannabinoids found in the plant. Evidence suggests that it is the way that CBD interacts with these which provides the health benefits.
Many CBD products are made using CBD isolate which has the other cannabinoids removed.

My aim is to find products that are made from golden oil which means the standard raw oil goes through a special filtration process to remove unwanted plant matter. The result is a better tasting, higher quality oil with little of the unpleasant bitterness that many CBD users are familiar with.



Today’s my birthday

So today is my birthday and everyone keeps wishing me a great day and hoping that I have an amazing time. I do appreciate the wishes it’s nice to hear them but sometimes I feel they are just something that people say because it’s the socially accepted thing to do. Like when you meet someone and they ask you how you are, most people don’t want to hear that you are in constant pain or your boyfriend has left you or you’re struggling to pay the bills. All they want to hear is that you are doing fine because having an honest genuine conversation makes them too vulnerable and feel uncomfortable. People say that christmas is the loneliest time of the year but not for me, I think birthdays are. This birthday marks 24 birthdays in a row that I have “celebrated” on my own. I don’t have friends or family (except for my son but he feels obligated to spend my birthday with me) even while I was married my ex never once spent my birthday with me, he was always too busy. The big hollow empty feeling of worthlessness that I feel on this day every year makes me realise how alone I am every single day. Now before you say join a club, I have done. Make new friends, tried that but yet here I am still feeling so lonely.

Loneliness and isolation isn’t just an issue for the elderly, it affects young people too….just ask my 22 year old son! As human beings we need to get out of our own heads every once in a while and see that there are people suffering out there. That the world doesn’t revolve around us or how we bought the wrong colour paint or don’t have matching nail polish. These things aren’t important but people are. Isolating people is a form of bullying and we need to stop it fast. People are ending their lives because of bullying every day and because of feeling so unworthy and lonely. How hard is it to have a cup of coffee for 30 minutes with someone? Those 30 minutes might be the only contact that person has with another person all week. Those 30 minutes will mean so much to the person that is suffering, it will make them feel that they have value to someone and appreciate the fact that you gave them your time. They will always remember you as someone who saw some value in them when no one else did.

Now this piece isn’t about feeling sorry for myself or to get attention or anything like that. It is about showing you that while someone may smile and laugh and be all positive on the outside that you never really know what they are going through behind the mask they wear, the mask society demands we wear. Be nice to people, meet someone for a coffee and a chat, give someone your time. Your time is the most valuable thing you have but keeping it all to yourself makes it worthless and doesn’t benefit anyone, not even you.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend x

Why size does matter!

When looking to buy cbd oil, the first thing all companies market is the amount of cbd in mg in their bottle.

However be cautious as not all bottles are equal.

Imagine this situation….
I have 100g of sugar and mix it with water. If I mix it with a cup of water I will have a very sugary drink.
If however I mix my 100g is sugar in a jug of water I will have sweet water but it will not be as strong as the cup.

The same applies to cbd.

If you buy a 600mg bottle of cbd oil look at the size of the bottle.

If the bottle is 10ml then you have 600mg of cbd in a 10ml bottle, 6% of the content is cbd.

If the bottle is 30ml then you have 600mg of cbd in a 30ml bottle which is weaker. If you were to split that bottle into 3x 10ml bottles you would only have 200mg cbd in each bottle so it is 2% cbd.

Lots of companies market their product saying you get 30ml or even 100ml however in reality you would need to take a lot more of the oil in order to get the mg of cbd that you desire compared to a 10ml bottle.

It all comes down to maths.



I have been busy!

I have been busy! No honestly I have been. While it wasn’t all fun and games as my depression decided to make an appearance and I struggled with that for a couple of months and then my sons health wasn’t too good either (he’s got OCD, social anxiety, general anxiety, depression and a few other things too) I have been working away on a few other things.

As you may have already seen I have incorporated CBD oil not only into my business but also into my life and I’m blown away by the results that I’ve gotten in only 8 days but I have also designed a limited edition range of hoodies, unisex tees, childrens tees & more. I am so excited about all these changes and especially for the clothing range. I plan on designing more in the future as I have lots and lots of ideas. If you would like to see the range you can here —–>

I just love this hoodie. The range come in lots of different colours so hopefully there is something for everyone.

kiss me im iriah hoodie


I hope you are all having a wonderful day, enjoy your evening and chat again soon x


Black CBD oils are raw CBD extractions, that are mixed with a carrier oil. Black oils do not undergo any processing. because black oils aren’t filtered after extraction they therefore maintain elements of plant matter, such as chlorophyll, waxes, fats and other additives.

Golden oils undergo a rigorous purification process, that involves removing all the above materials, while retaining all the important cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a much higher quality product. HerbiGold is a high quality full spectrum, filtered, golden oil

Entourage effect

While CBD is powerful on its own, it is strengthened further by the presence of other compounds in delivering a full spectrum of effects. This is known as the “entourage effect”, where compounds work better when combined better than they do as many individual compounds. In addition to maintaining consistent levels of CBD, golden oils have more potent concentrations of CBD than black oils, resulting in better results. #herbigold

HerbiGold full spectrum, filtered, golden oilis now available to buy online!

Why use Full Spectrum (Why not Isolate?)

Each drop of full spectrum CBD oil has all the same cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamins & minerals present in the hemp plant. Depending on the condition and what you are looking to achieve, full spectrum CBD oil can provide a greater effect than CBD isolates as all the cannabinoids work together.

It was previously believed that CBD isolates were more potent and concentrated than full spectrum CBD. This assertion was eventually debunked by a 2015 study at the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem. In that study, researchers were able to prove that full spectrum CBD is capable of offering greater levels of relief, as higher doses were administered to mice. By comparison, the group that was given CBD isolate did not experience the same level of relief at higher doses.

Studies have found that when you use a full spectrum hemp oil, the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in the whole plant create a synergistic effect, otherwise known as the “entourage effect”, and the interaction between the two create amplified effects as well as providing added benefits.

Big changes

Two years ago on June 1st I made the decision to cut my hair and donate it charity. This simple act changed everything for me. Little did I know at that time that this decision would be a catalyst for other amazing changes.

I was suffering with terrible depression at that time. I had began to self harm and had suicidal thoughts. I honestly saw no future for me and my self worth was in the toilet. Deciding to cut my hair was a massive step. I had been growing it for 5 years and I thought by cutting it it would mean the end of who I was, my identity as a wife and mother.

Once my hair was cut not only was the physical weight gone but I also felt lighter inside like an emotional weight had been lifted too. I have worked so hard on my personal growth since then that I am a completely different person now. When I look back I am grateful that I took that first unknowing step into a brighter happier future.

Back then I never smiled in photos, I was very self conscious and if I could have hid under a rock I would have cause meeting people terrified me. Now I’m working on my fears and anxieties and I no longer worry about what other people think about me. Now I take selfies I smile and have fun taking them. I have overcome so many fears that I once had…I have even made videos and done a live!! I’m seriously impressed with myself for doing them! I am still growing every day and now I want to be able to help and inspire other people to take that leap of faith into the unknown and create the life that they want x

#dreambig #inspiration #loveyourself

Why I love Limelife’s Botanical Foundation

The one product that I am most excited about trying is the botanical foundation. I find it really difficult to find a foundation in the shops to match my skintone, that isn’t drying and doesn’t disappear after a couple of hours.

Since I haven’t been lucky enough to try it for myself yet, my gorgeous friend Carley said I could show you her photo. She is beautiful anyway but what a difference Limelifes foundation makes. She doesn’t look like she is caked in makeup, it looks so natural. And that’s why celebrities love using it!

Celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively use it. It has also been used on shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

This foundation contains at least 50% pigments so you only need to use a little bit and it will last up to 16 hours of wear. Most commercial liquid foundations have about 18 to 23% pigment so you have to use more to get the coverage you want and that will cost you more in the long run.

If you would like to be added to my preorder list drop me a message and I will add you to it. I will also colour match your foundation so you get the perfect shade for you.

If you have already spoken to a beauty guide please go back to them x

#limelife #phenomenalkingsandqueens #botanicalfoundation #beautifulskin




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